Whatever we are, whatever we do, whatever we become, we must be consistent in giving both our customers and employees good value. In order to achieve our mission, we will:

  • Provide our customers with exceptional value.

  • Recruit and hire employees who by training, experience and character are prepared to offer exceptional service to our customers, and internally, to the employees with whom they work.

  • Assist our employees in growing professionally in order to ensure that each of us will be at our best when faced with the responsibilities of dealing with customers' requests and demands, and those involving Western's internal work requirements.

  • Make prudent decisions regarding buying, securing and selling, and operating profitably in order to provide stability for the Company and employees.

  • Compensate our employees with salaries and benefits that are fair, and within our corporate abilities, so that we may all share in the fruits of our labor.

  • Maintain high ethical standards in all our dealings – both outside and inside the company.