Western Petroleum Company was founded in 1969. However, one of the company’s founders, Vern Oskey, started Oskey Bros. Petroleum Corporation, a company very similar to Western, in 1937. More than 70 years have elapsed since Oskey’s and later, Western’s independent marketing concepts were first introduced in the petroleum marketplace.

The company's message to its customers hasn’t changed since the beginning:

  • We will sell you quality products.
  • We will always be the intelligent alternative supplier for independent oil men.

Today, Western Petroleum Company is a leading, diversified, independent wholesale supplier of petroleum products and renewable fuels. Product offerings range from propane to every grade of refined fuel. We ship on most major U.S. pipeline systems and offer wholesale rack prices at more than 60 terminals nationwide. We have supply contracts with virtually every major refiner in the U.S. In addition, we provide logistics and trading services for U.S. crude oil producers.

Our strong commitment to delivering the highest levels of personal service and satisfaction is one of the most important reasons for our success.

Since 2010, Western Petroleum Company has operated as a subsidiary of World Fuel Services Corporation, one of the world’s leading fuel logistics companies with strong global resources in the marketing, distribution and financing of fuel products and related services.