Western Petroleum Company has been a longtime supporter of the renewable fuels industry. Since the infancy of the ethanol industry in the 1970s to the expansion of biodiesel today, we have continually offered renewable fuels as an important part of our product portfolio.


Western currently offers top-off ethanol at more than 40 terminal racks. We also offer transport and railcar quantities for customers with bulk storage requirements.


Western is currently one of the largest distributors of biodiesel in the United States with the ability to market biodiesel by truck or rail. Bulk transport or railcar quantities of biodiesel can be quoted delivered to location, either on a spot or term basis.

Western also provides optional rack biodiesel blends of B5, B10 and B20. Customers can take advantage of these optional blends in their costing formulas and seasonal demand.

For more information, contact us at renewable@westernpetro.com.